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The owners of Paste’s renowned, reinvented Thai cuisine are Michelin-starred chefs Bee Satongun and husband, Jason Bailey. Growing up in her homeland of Thailand, Bee was helping her mother cook from the age of five. Two decades later she met Australian restaurateur, Jason, and the magic began. A marriage of Bee’s daring creativity and Jason’s technical refinement saw their first restaurant, Paste Bangkok, become a culinary sensation in 2013. Their bold but refined reinterpretations of traditional Thai cuisine earned them a coveted Michelin star, with the ‘Queen Bee of Thai Cuisine’ named Asia’s best female chef by the Worlds 50 Best Restaurants.


As Head Chef, Bee successfully strikes a delicate balance between tradition and innovation, expressing her rebellious personality in the surprising, artistic twists she deploys to add new layers of complexity, flavour and presentation to every dish that leaves her kitchen.  By her side as an advisor and inspiration is Jason, who oversees the business side of the operation. Their debates over new culinary creations can be spirited but the result is always another manifestation of ancient Thai cuisine meets contemporary gastronomy. They may be technical luminaries of their craft but it’s this chef duo’s willingness to really play in the kitchen that sets them apart, defining their signature trademark in the world of great food.