About Us
Thailand’s famous, Michelin-starred culinary institution, Paste. Bee and Jason may have cooked for celebrities and royalty around the world, but now their storied path will see them share their love for creative but affordable Thai cuisine with Australians. A fusion creative twists will deliver to your plate
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Paste Australia, Thai Cuisine Restaurant.

The lush Southern Highlands of NSW has been chosen as the Australian stage for Thailand’s famous, Michelin-starred culinary institution, Paste Bangkok.

Amid the historic streetscape of Mittagong, renowned chefs Bee Satongun and husband, Jason Bailey, will take diners on a palate-tantalising adventure that showcases their bold and masterful approach to Thai cuisine. The innovative, award-winning duo use the freshest, Australian ingredients to re-imagine ancient Thai recipes, unearthing hidden and surprising culinary combinations in the process.  A fusion of age-old customs and contemporary, creative twists will deliver to your plate, authentic flavour-filled dishes presented in imaginative ways.